Our Equipment

Firefly Designs uses state-of-the-art engraving equipment to produce unique, beautifully engraved customized products for Southwest Colorado.

Epilog 35 Watt laser engraver:

This is our primary machine. We can engrave items up to 12” x 24” on this machine, plus we have a rotary attachment for marking cylindrical objects, such as water bottles, glasses, and mugs.

Epilog Laser Engraving Machine - Ryans' Custom Products, Inc.

Did you know: We can even laser engrave food? Items such as tortillas, fruits and vegetables, and pie crusts can be personalized! Ask for details!

Did you know: Using a laser bonding agent, we can etch metals. How does this work? The heat from the laser bonds the marking agent to the metal, resulting in a permanent mark. The engraving is very durable and can stand up to significant amounts of wear and tear. This is the process we use to customize stainless steel knives.

Full-color ID card imprinter:

Have a color logo? We can imprint it onto a vinyl card to create customized name badges. This is how we create photo ID cards and pet licenses.

Rotary Engraver:

Fewer and fewer engraving shops still carry this piece of equipment, but it is the ONLY way we can actually etch text onto plaques and metal plates. We even have a diamond tipped blade to provide fine details. Necessary for engraving brass columbarium plates.


We have a state-of-the-art sandblaster with a variety of different grits of sand. This is how we create pet memorials and custom address monument stones. We then use tombstone paint on the blasted areas for a permanent finish.

Custom Sandblasting by Ryans' Custom Products, Inc.

Pre-inked Rubber Stamp machine:

We offer overnight service for your custom stamps which can last up to 20,000 impressions. Your black & white logo or even photographs can be converted into a stamp. Great for crafters and scrapbookers! Round notary stamps, signature stamps, and check endorsement stamps are just some of the more common applications. Available in a variety of sizes, and your choice of blue, black, red, or UV ink.